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Thank You

Posted by Fall 14U-1 at Nov 28, 2019 7:46AM PST ( 0 Comments )

Hello Everyone.

Thank you everyone for such a great Hawks softball season especially to Bob, Matt ,Lisa ,Frank , Ray, and Stacey for all your help this year. Have a relaxing weekend and safe travels.

Happy Thanksgiving


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Snack Shack Sign Up

Posted by Lisa Colosimo at Oct 17, 2019 8:19PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Here’s the Sign Up Genius for Snack Shack coverage. Hoping to be able to open!

Tournament Snack Shack Sign Up

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Help needed for tournament

Posted by Lisa Colosimo at Oct 17, 2019 12:57PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

In case you missed the email sent out early today, here is the SignUp Genius link to volunteer to help sell t-shirts and prep fields.

Tournament SignUp Genius

We are still looking for volunteers to open Snack Shack.

Please reach out to John, Eric or Lisa if you can help in any way.

Players of the Week

Posted by John Troy at Oct 15, 2019 7:01PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

The regular season has ended and hopefully the favorable weather extends for one more weekend. The team and I had a conversation between games about staying focused because we have played in some crooked number games. We discussed that as we progress through the age levels we can’t count on stealing home and stealing bases with ease. We will need to score runs with hits and good quality at bats especially with 2 outs. The message was received loud and clear with 19 hits many of them extra base hits !! Which brings us to our players of the games ………

Everyone knows the phrase "If you cant beat them steal them from the other team ( Its a close enough saying)!! " well I’m sure glad Morgan plays for us now. She broke out her big stick and hit a HR & 3 triples and ran the bases like she was chasing down a I-phone pro. I can feel a real empathy for the other coach as she runs the bases.

Veronica is everything we love about our Philadelphia sports athletes……..She hustles everything out getting on base 5x , makes plays in the field with her glove and always leaves with dirt on her uniform. Shes our Chase Utley !!!!

I will look to have a practice this weekend some time. I’m waiting to hear about field availability

Go Hawks

Players of the Week

Posted by John Troy at Oct 8, 2019 4:19PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

It’s getting really hard every week to find stand out stars because everyone is playing really well. That being said there were a couple of firsts this week. Emily maned 1st base for the first time and like anytime that happens it seems like a magnet just pulls the ball there. She made a sweeping glove put out similar to the Allstar Rico Brogna did for the Phils for many years. There was a great outfield assist that led to a rundown between 3rd and home that was executed perfectly. We also employed a little bit of analytics and tried 3 outfielders in right field for their power hitter ( work in progress).

That leads us to our players of the week !! Dara & Breanna …..I would be lying if I didn’t say Dara is the engine of this team and her High Energy and fearless temperament drives this team and keeps us smiling. She had her pitching debut and retirement in the same inning. Which leads to our quote of the day " Its harder than it looks guys" I almost fell over laughing

Breanna is our lead off hitter and super utility player !! Don’t let her silent demeanor fool you, I’ve seen the anger in her eyes and she stays very focused between the lines. I know I could put her anywhere in the field and not worry about her missing a beat. When she gets on base I know the inning is going to be good one.

Go Hawks