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Weekend Tournement

Posted by John Troy at Jun 10, 2019 4:47PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Hello All,

I Just wanted to thank everyone for a tremendous season. We finished the season with a rain soaked 17-2 record, including a 6-1 Tourney record. Your daughters were an absolute pleasure to coach and you are some of the best fans a coach could ask for. Ray, Frank, Bob, and Lisa only made my job easier and I’m truly thankful for their help. Looking forward to fall ball.

Thank you


Hawks Players of the day

Posted by John Troy at Jun 3, 2019 6:52AM PDT ( 1 Comment )

On a tough muggy Saturday, These girls cooled off the day with there play…..

Veronica played up to the level we all expected today, she played with a lot of confidence and being very smart with her throws , But it didn’t stop there . She hit the ball really well and ran the bases like she was on fire. What ever she ate for breakfast that morning did its job.

Catching is always tough but add a very muggy day and a short bench for relief can prove very difficult. Kayla is a tough cookie and what may have slowed her for only a moment she bounced back and showed shes a gamer by making a very tough catch and tag at 3rd that squashed a comeback from Upper south. Her argument with umpire on a past game to still let her hit even after she was hit by pitch was one of the funniest discussions.

A quote comes to mind about this team

" Hard work beats Talent when Talent doesn’t work hard"

This team is very talented and never takes it for granted and works hard every game , We finished the season with a record of 10-1 we had some rain outs and league may let us make some of those up after tourney.

  • check out my ding dong daughter blowing a kiss in the background***

Keep it rolling ladies

Players of the Day

Posted by John Troy at May 28, 2019 6:29PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Don’t let their smiles deceive you, they came to play Saturday.
Jordyn with her steady play has been a cornerstone at 1st base this year. She took one for the team that left her a nasty bruise on her back. She took a minute to breathe through it but she’s tough as nails. The play that propelled her was when she blew off my green light play (#3) to bunt .In her words "it was just to beautiful of a pitch not too.
Orli has worked very hard on her Offense and Defense this year and its starting to show . She begrudgingly lays down the bunt when she needs to and has gotten on base doing so and that has her in a very respectable 4 game hit streak. In the outfield she keeps the ball in front of her and hits the cutoff quickly keeping the runners to one base.


DQ/Dunkin players of the game

Posted by John Troy at May 11, 2019 2:43PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

We came out a little flat the 1st game and failed to get it together, but we broke out the gloves and the big girl sticks for 2nd. Brynn worked extremely hard on both sides of the plate today gobbling up grounders, turning out field cuts and dropping down some absolutely textbook bunts. She is literally 1 step away from being a feared bunt master !!! Corinne has been struggling lately at the plate and finally broke out of her slump today with a inside the park HR. She is extremely critical of herself and is always looking to get better and I love her for that …..Big AWWW

Keep up the great work Girls and enjoy your overly sugared treats

Go Hawks

Hawks Starbucks player of the Day

Posted by 14U-1 at May 4, 2019 3:25PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Brianna flat out played out of her mind today shutting down 3 runners trying to score . ……….. Enjoy a ice coffee or whatever the serve in that place.

Go Hawks


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